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Seltzer Quiz

There’s the noise.  The phfttttt of the water being carbonated.  There’s the cold bottle in your hands, the delight of splashing yourself when you first open your fresh cold seltzer.  (Rookie move.)  And then there’s the thirst quenching cold bubbling super wet drink going down your throat experience.  "I made it.  I own it.  I made a difference to our planet.  Today." 

Quiz:  Which is the rookie move?

a.  "I used my beer kegerator gear and my soda isn't carbonated enough."

b.   "I'm dying.  What was so poisonous?...I did use those brass beer parts though KEGMAN told me brass was poisonous."

c.  "I just got splashed with carbonated water.  I must not have FILL IN THE BLANK."

d.  "No liquid is getting through my hose.  I think it's going to burst."

e.  All of the above.

Answer:  E.  All of the above. 

A.  Don't use beer gear for seltzer. 

B.  Brass fittings can make you sick when using them for seltzer, kombucha, wine products, etc. 

C.  Our seltzer equipment comes with the stepless clamps (and full instructions.) No radiator clamps.  Ever.             

D.  Kegman provides a fully assembled beverage-grade hose, pressure tested prior to shipping. 

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