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The Top Questions We Receive on Making Seltzer

  • What is Seltzer?
  • Does it have to be Cold?

It really helps!  The colder the seltzer the more gas (CO2) the water can hold.  It really doesn't have to be that cold when you make the seltzer but it does when you pour it.  Click on some of the ideas below for ways to get Seltzer cold.  We have ideas to fit your budget.

Booster Boxes

Flash Chillers

Jockey Boxes

  • Will I need a Plumber to connect everything?

We include instructions and phone walk throughs with every Seltzer System we sell.  It will help for better connections to have the right tools and clamps.


  • Can I Pour Seltzer through my Kegerator?

You can but it won't work for long.  Call us on a Beer Kegerator to Seltzer Conversion Kit

  • What is a carbonator?

Mixing CO2 gas and a liquid is what a Carbonator does.  There are some inventive ways to do this.  Everything from mixing baking soda, vinegar and water to making your own bottling plant.  Keep it simple and safe by using our industrial strength carbonator.

  • Do you have any good syrup recipes?

Blueberry Soda

Recipe Book

Send us your favorite and we will post it on Facebook and send you your choice of a Kegman Tee-shirt or magnet.

  • Can I carbonate something other than water?

Yes you can.  We need to set up the carbonator depending on what you are going to run through it.  Call us with any questions.  973-512-2028


  • Is it expensive?

It takes an investment to do the job right.  Doing the job right lets you focus on your business and not day to day issues that result from using less than adequate equipment.  All of our equipment is state of the art, heavy duty and easy to use.  For the homeowner, installing an in-home seltzer system is expensive but if you are buying cases of Seltzer, Pellegrino or other brand names you will pay for the system in a year.  And think of all the gas you will save not taking the glass bottles to the recycling center and not going to the grocery store!


  • I am planning to open a Soda Shop.  What should I look out for?

We have helped hundreds of people get started in business.  We relate to those that go down the "own your own" business path.  Call or e-mail us any time:  973-512-2028.