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Collection: Get It Cold

Cold Draft Beer, Cold Nitro Beer, Ice Cold Seltzer


The purpose of a Kegman long draw system is to provide ice cold beer to places removed from the keg cooling area.  There are three types of systems used to provide cold beverages at long distances:

  • Forced Air works well for distances up to 25 feet from the cold room.  Forced air will not work in the home kegarator having runs over five feet. A home fridge does not have the BTU rating (cooling capacity) - Kegman suggests you use the Home Glycol Plans for fridges. Make yours a cold beverage factory.
  • Glycol Power Packs are required for distances from 25 to 350 feet from the cold room/walk-in. Call the Kegman before ordering your long draw glycol system as we can help you design your system at no extra charge.  
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  • Flash Coolers are required for direct serving of cold beer from warm kegs for picnics and special event planning.

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