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What are drip trays or splash guards used for?

The most common use of a drip tray or splash guard in a draft beer system is to catch the few drops of beer which drip from the faucet after a beer is poured. If foam is causing the need for a drip tray then you should contact the Kegman for help - you are wasting beer. Some drip trays hold the beer drops until they are emptied and others, usually those in commercial bars, pubs, restaurants, and taverns divert the wasted beer away into a drain or large reservoir. There are basically six types of drip trays used in the draft beer business. These trays come in PVD Brass with a S/S base or in all stainless steel.

Note: All of our brass drip trays are made of PVD Brass coated stainless steel top grates and screens so they will never tarnish or need polishing. The bases are polished stainless steel which are not PVD coated. For example, a brass beveled edge drip tray will have a PVD coated top grate but the bevel edge will be in polished stainless steel not PVD brass. This will provide you with the best non-tarnishing brass tray without the hassle of constant polishing.

If you don't see a size here that matches your needs we can custom make one for you.  It will take a few weeks and some more money. 

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