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Key Keg Couplers Back In Stock

We are pleased to be the seller of authentic Key Keg couplers from Europe.  This coupler is for the new One-Way kegs that many craft brewers are starting to use.

We add the 5/16" gas line tail piece, neoprene washer and beer nut before shipping.  If you want a different size set-up we can do that for you for no extra charge.

As stated in CraftKeg news, all the beer, wine or soft drink is inside the laminated inner bag. Since there’s no contact between the propellant and the beverage, you can use compressed air to dispense from KeyKegs. Just connect a simple air compressor and right away, you’re cutting your CO2 emissions. You’ll save money, and it’s also much safer and better for the environment.

Empty KeyKegs still under pressure must be deflated, using the deflation tool supplied with every KeyKeg coupler you order.

Here are some official videos from the manufacturer.