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Line Cleaning Services Needed

Every now and then we get asked if we know of good line cleaners out there.  Let us know if you are taking on new customers and we will recommend your company. 

Line cleaning is a great business for anyone that has attention for detail and can be independent of a boss telling him what to do.  Of course its not easy.  Nothing substantial is. But you can be making money in a matter of weeks not months.

Call us anytime to learn what affordable cleaning kits we have so you can be running your own business right away.

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Here is a link to the equipment page for cleaning pumps. Save time and money by doing the lines yourself if you don't one to hire a line-cleaner.

Equipment you will need to start

Line Cleaning Pump

Faucet Wrench

Jumper line(s)

BLC Soap

5 gallon Bucket

Flusher tool for two couplers


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