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Motorized vs. Motorless

The first thing you need to know* about is a carbonator.  A Carbonator injects CO2 gas into a beverage.    Two different types of carbonators are as follows:

Motorless Carbonators are for making seltzer without electricity or water hook-up.  Keep the carbonation tank in a refrigerator or other cold place and occasionally fill with water.  (Many options:  call 973-512-2028.)  Additional equipment required.  Our Refrigerator Seltzer Make and Serve Kit  is used for making seltzer in your extra refrigerator at your home or shop or café.  (If you are making a chest freezer kit call us so we can make it to your specs.)  Again, very important:   keep the carbonation tank refrigerated.  Used in small stores, homes and portable serving applications by vendors everywhere.  CO2 cylinder, cooling and soda regulator required.

Commercial Motorized Carbonators are for a continuous flow of seltzer. Hook up to electricity and water supply is required, in addition to a CO2 cylinder and a soda regulator.  This is customary in a professional and permanent, stationary home kit.

*All our equipment is commercial grade.  We sell the same equipment to home owners as we do to national chains, coffee shops, etc.  Call us for a quote.     973-512-2028.