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Cold, almost-hurts-my-nose bubbly, carbonated, fizzy, seltzer water.  My eyes are watering.  Kegman can make it hurt.  In a good way.  Our equipment can make your nose hurt.  Your eyes water.  And we can make you burp.  Bubbly, thirst quenching sparkly water at home.  Here are Kegman's Seltzer Tips:

Seltzer Quiz - What do you want?  Equipment for fizzy, sparkly, carbonated, sparkling water that I can make.

#5890 - Using your own soda bottle, connect our Soda Carbonating Kit to your CO2 tank.  Once gassed, roll the cold water in the bottle gently and you’ve got Seltzer.  Easy.  Really. Your assignment is to carbonate your water with a filled CO2 tank and to have very chilled water in your soda bottles.

#5500 - Family gathering? At the park? Tailgating? We know how to deal with a thirst-agitated crowd. Hey! It's an I'm-really-thirsty Day! Cool it! Our Portable Soda Carbonating Kit  is just the ticket.  This Kit comes with everything you need: a tank to hold your delightful, fizzy, carbonated water. Your CO2 tank. Soda Regulator. A wrench! (important). Dispenser. And all connections.  We can even send you a FILLED CO2 tank.  Burps, watering eyes and runny noses not included but should be anticipated.