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Soap on a Rope vs. His Own Seltzer Making Kit

Soap on a rope has its advantages. Soap doesn’t slip out of your hand. You don’t have to wash your chest as the soap disintegrates just below your clavicle. If you wear the soap on a rope backwards you can get a narrow swath of soap down your back but risk strangulation, especially if you slip on the sudsy floor. You will smell good with not much work but you won’t necessarily be clean.

Having seltzer at home also has its advantages. Should we mention that it is so convenient and easy and it does not involve slipping or strangulation. This is something Dad can have, hold, drink and spray in just days. So what features does Dad want?

#5890 - Using your own soda bottle, connect our Soda Carbonating Kit to your CO2 tank. Once gassed, roll the cold water in the bottle gently and you’ve got Seltzer. Easy. Really. Your assignment is to supply a filled CO2 tank and to have chilled water in your soda bottles.

#5500 - Family gathering? At the park? Tailgating? We know how to deal with a thirst-agitated crowd. Hey! It’s Father’s Day! Cool it! Our Portable Soda Carbonating Kit is just the ticket and better than a card. This Kit comes with everything you need: a tank to hold your delightful, fizzy, carbonated water. Your CO2 tank. Soda Regulator. A wrench! (important). Dispenser. And all connections. Call us 973-512-2028 and we can even send your CO2 tank filled!

#1545 So Dad wants beer? Not one beer choice but two? Our Two Product Jockey Box lets him serve a stout and a lager, a lite or a ale, or any dual satisfying Father’s Day combination. If you want a Single product jockey box call us 973-512-2028.