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Uncertain Times. Get Seltzer.

Uncertain times have brought us new customers.  We’re grateful, ever so grateful.  A quick and unofficial survey reveals the underlying cause of the uptick.

OK.  We get it.  You have a lot of thinking-time on your hands.  Working from home.  Can’t get to the store to pick up the ecologically damaging canisters for your instant soda machines.  (please, no.)  Don’t want to go to the dump to dispose of your seltzer cans or glass bottles. Or maybe your trash pick up is spotty right now.  Self-realization:  What am I doing?  Self actualization:  I want my seltzer.  Now.  Cold.  I want to know what’s in it.  I don’t want to go shopping.  I don’t want to dispose of my cans, bottles, etc.  All that sugar.  All that waste.   And Hey, I can have fun carbonating my own water.  Oh?  I can add flavor? You are the star of your new drink.  The winner of your flavored seltzer.  You created it.

There’s the noise, the phfttttt of the water being carbonated.  There’s the cold canister in your hands.  There’s the delight of splashing yourself when you first squeeze the trigger. (rookie move.)  And then there’s the thirst quenching cold bubbling super wet drink going down your throat.  What an experience.  Seriously.  Nominal waste.  Refillable gas tank.  I made it.  I own it.

Here at Kegman, we love our seltzer.  We know how to do seltzer right.  We’ve sold thousands of seltzer kits.  Farmer’s Market entrepreneurs.  Dads making a splash.  Moms kicking it up a few notches.  Architectural designed private homes bars.  HGTV used our seltzer bar and super sexy faucet.  (Yes.  Faucets can be sexy or “pleasing to the eye.”)

Make your own seltzer.  Use Kegman quality equipment.  Talk to the Kegman about your needs, how many people’s thirst you want to quench.  How often?  Where?  (Beach? Got electricity?) And by when?

Call us.  973-512-2028.  We’re committed to our customers.  To the environment.  We sell a lot of equipment so we’re doing it right. 

Follow us on  Thursdays features a new seltzer recipe.  Be a star.  There’s only one you.  You can quench that thirst.