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What is that Mmmmm Drink?

Nothing like it.  Sitting with my girlfriends.  In the hot sun.  It's too early for alcohol.  Besides alcohol dehydration will wrinkle my skin for tonight.  So what do I want?  Fizzy, wet, cold, bubbly bubbles-exploding-in-my-mouth seltzer.  Carbonated water.  And I want to know what's in it.  A little cranberry, 1:4 ratio.  That's one part cranberry... Or maybe just a lime?  No.  Lemon.  A big yellow lemon, sliced in half with the pulpy little thingys floating around top.  And there's no need for ice if the seltzer is rightly cooled (and say "rightly" like you're from the south)  because those ice cubes will break my bubbles.  Mmmmm drink extraordinaire.  Make my seltzer at home.  Lay low, in the sun.  Now just how do I make that?

#5890 - Using your own soda bottle, connect your Soda Carbonating Kit to your CO2 tank. Once gassed, girlfriend, just roll the cold water in the bottle easy, gently and you’ve got your Seltzer.  Bubbly.  Cold.  Easy.  Really.  Your chore is to be sweaty-hot-thirsty like nobody's business, to carbonate your very chilled water, and to drink that bubbly-wet-cold-water down to your very bones.  Now pop on that sun dress.  Order now.  Be rightly cooled.