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Large Portable Seltzer Carbonator Kit

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Got a crowd coming and already have your own CO2 tank ready to connect?  Are you converting (an old beer) kegerator to our Seltzer Maker?  You've got a fast moving, thirst-agitated herd of people that have to have seltzer now.  And you need the cold seltzer right now.  You've got product you want to move and can predict you're going to go through "X" gallons of seltzer/hour.  And you're adding syrup to your super cold carbonated water?  Our Portable Seltzer Kit helps you keep ahead of demand.  Cold bubbly thirst quenching seltzer.  And lots of it.  Farmer's Market event?  We've got you covered.  

All built and ready to go.  Just like a big seller the Farmer's Market kit but no CO2 tank included. You provide the CO2 tank and beverage to be carbonated. Call us.  973-512-2028.  Kegman.  Over 1,000 kits sold.

This Portable Seltzer Kit includes:

  • The 5.0 gallon motorless carbonator (26.5" height clearance)
  • Upgraded to 2 Gauge High Pressure Seltzer Regulator. No extra charge.
  • High Pressure Braided beverage and gas lines
  • Clamps
  • Disconnects for gas in and beverage out
  • Hand held adjustable Squeeze Valve with trigger


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