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9840 Foam Buster Repair Kit

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Replacement kit for eliminating foam issues for kegerators and direct draw dispensing systems.  


Fixing your foam issues = better tasting beer.


If your system is older, the plating has come off your gear.  Your beer is coming into direct contact with unplaited metal, resulting in foam.  Upgrade your tap system to eliminate foam with Kegman professional grade equipment.   Disintegrating metal is a common problem with kegerators sold at large appliance stores or "factory-supplied" imported beverage equipment.


Foam issues come about for 4 main reasons:

  1. Temperature
  2. Cleanliness
  3. Pressure
  4. Cheap/Poorly made/Old tap equipment.  

Your Kegman Kegerator Repair Kit includes the following:

  • American Sankey D Coupler with stainless probe
  • Beer nut assembly
  • 5 feet 3/16 professional beer line hose***
  • Tower shank assembly with elbow
  • Heavy duty lager ale Stainless Steel faucet
  • Tap handle 3" in black 
  • Please note that some less expensive repair kits will use an oversized hose which will result in foaming. Ours adds restriction.  That's a good thing!  

HOLIDAY SEASON ADD-ON.  While Supplies Last:  Free bottle opener and faucet plug and built in brush.