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6723 Shurflow Beer Ace II Beer Pump - 6723

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Shurflow Beer Ace II Beer Pump Adds additional pressure to beer system without altering CO2 volumes or introducing new gases to beer.
Total Precision of Quality Control by separating CO2 needs and Flow Control into Two Independent Operations:

The pressure to the keg in a pump system should always be only the pressure and type of gas the brewer recommends to maintain the carbonation level in the keg and the flow rate required to satisfy the faucets pour requirements.
Eliminate Foaming Problems associated with Temperature Fluctuations and Hot Spots by compressing lines up to 70 PSI.
Maintain high pressures in long runs without experiencing flat beer
Ability to improve Quality Control on current systems that are using CO2 / Air mix or where several CO2 / N2 mix ratios are required.

Gas = 1/4" barb

Liquid = 3/8" barbs