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Automatic Gas Changeover Eliminator Valves 6091

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FOR CO2 Tanks

  • 3000 PSI inlet with 200 PSI changeover
  • High pressure hoses included
  • 20 year warranty from manufacturer
  • Regulator sold separately
  • Price includes tank hoses

    This Unit will change to the full tank AUTOMATICALLY.  Never pour a flat drink again!

    We build them for CO2 or Nitrogen.  Can also be built for four tanks (2 to 2), six tanks (3 to 3) or eight tanks (4 to 4)  Call for special orders 973-512-2028.

    This unit, part number 6091 is  for one tank to one tank

    (1) Mount ELIMINATOR valve on wall with it’s outlet about 10” above the gas cylinders to be used ( use your choice of the 5 mounting holes in the valve body ) Note: If you are using a TAP RITE brand pressure regulator, you will need to add a 3/4” spacer between
    the ELIMINATOR and wall for adequate clearance.
    (2) Connect your pressure regulator’s inlet to the ELIMINATOR’S outlet fitting.
    (3) Connect the ELIMINATOR'S inlet hoses to the cylinders that will be used.


    (1) After completing installation simply turn on cylinder (or bank of cylinders) that you want to be used FIRST.  (This side is now locked in.)
    (2) Turn on the cylinder (or bank of cylinders) to be used SECOND. The ELIMINATOR valve will automatically switch to this side when the pressure in the FIRST side drops to 185 PSI (+/- 15 PSI.)

    As cylinders are exhausted simply replace them with full cylinders and TURN THEM ON. The ELIMINATOR will switch from side to side as needed.

    (1) Turn off the cylinder ( or bank of cylinders ) that you wish to take out of service. (2) Bleed off the pressure on that side by slowly loosening a cylinder connector. The ELIMINATOR will switch to the other side. PUSHING OR HITTING THE INDICATOR WILL GET YOU NOWHERE !

    History of the Invention
    As a restaurant manager, the inventor, Earl Wilson concerns were quality and constancy of products and service. The restaurant that I managed had a “self serve” soda fountain. Once a week, or more, we would run out of CO2. Someone would have to run to the basement, find a wrench, change out the cylinder, run back upstairs, and pour about a gallon of product down the drain. Who knows how many flat soft drinks were served during these incidents.

    I insisted that myself, or the assistant manager did the change outs, so it would be done correctly, and there would be no injuries to untrained employees.

    When I thought about it I realized that it wasn’t the “luck of the draw” that made the CO2 run out during the busiest times. We did 80% of our sales in the rush periods; consequently there was an 80% chance that we run out of CO2 during these times.

    I set out to fix the problem. With some help from friends at the University Of Oregon’s physics department, and a couple years of hard work, viola! The ELIMINATOR was born!

    The prototype is still in the restaurant of which I spoke and has required no service during that time. They haven’t run out of CO2 or served a flat soft drink since May of 1991!