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Bottling System

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Kegman has partnered with the very best small bottling company, suitable to meet the needs of our Kegman customers.  At 400 bottles per hour this 8 station small bottling system can fill your bottle sizes ranging from 33cl to 100cl.  Power supply voltage is 220 Volts or 120 Volts.  Features include automatic control by PLC, (programmable logic controller) filling and capping, CO2 counter pressure filling, and pressure compensator to guarantee a stable filling process.  What Kegman likes most about this bottling system is that all parameters can be adjusted which works well when switching out bottle size to accommodate seasonal brews and potions.  

Bottling Process:  Position bottles in tray.  CO2 purging.  CO2 pressurizing.  Isobaric filling.  Pressure stabilization.  Capping tray station.   Capping station.  Sealing station.


  1. 50% down payment at order date, 50% balance prior to shipment.
  2. Lead Time: 20-30 days after receipt of down payment.
  3. Warranty: 1 year.

FOB port (Ocean freight to destination and local taxes not included)

View the Kegman Bottling System installed in a microbrewery, Brasserie du Perche in Normandy, France.