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Home Seltzer Kit

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Cold.  Sparkling.  Bubbly.  Wet.  Bubbles burst in your mouth.  You made it.  You own it.  Our DIY basic Seltzer Kit lets you control it all.  There’s the noise, the phfttttt of the water being carbonated.  There’s the cold bottle in your hands.  There’s the delight of splashing yourself when you first open your fresh cold seltzer.  (Rookie move.)  And then there’s the thirst quenching cold bubbling super wet drink going down your throat.  What an experience.  Seriously.  Nominal waste.  Refillable gas tank.  "I made it.  I own it.  I made a difference to our planet.  Today."

Working from home?  Can’t get to the store to pick up the ecologically damaging canisters for your instant soda machines.  (Please, no.)  Don’t want to go to the dump to dispose of your seltzer cans or glass bottles?  Make your own seltzer re-using your soda bottles.  Make seltzer at home.  Make YOUR seltzer at home.

Have your own CO2 tank?  Buy this kit #5890 (above).  If you need just a CO2 tank buy #5889.  And if you want this kit with a filled CO2 tank buy Kit #5886.

Our DIY Seltzer Kit #5890 includes

  • High pressure commercial Soda Regulator - You can't use your old low pressure beer regulator.     
  • Three foot (3') high pressure Braided Beverage-Grade Hose.
  • The Disconnect and Carbonating Cap.
  • Soda bottle.
  • Wrench.
  • Quick and easy thirst quenching recipe.
  • Fully assembled with all connections in place.

Quiz:  Which is the rookie move?

a.  "I used my beer kegerator gear and my soda isn't carbonated enough."

b.  I used the brass parts that I got from BIG BOX BEER STORE.  I know you told me that was poisonous."

c.  "I just got splashed with carbonated water.  I must have not FILL IN THE BLANK."

d.  No liquid is getting through my hose.  I think it's going to burst.

e.  All of the above.

Answer:  E.  All of the above.  A.  Don't use beer gear for seltzer.  B.  Brass fittings from a beer store can make you sick when using them for seltzer, kombucha, wine products, etc.  C.  Our gear comes with full instructions.  And we use stepless clamps vs. radiator clamps.  D.  Kegman provides a beverage-grade hose and comes fully assembled and tested prior to shipping.   Call us and we will guide you to getting the best, coldest, bubbliest, safest seltzer right in your home.  Nominal work.  No waste.  Kegman.  Products you can trust.

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For the more experienced and adventurous see #5500.