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JS300 Maxi-Vac Beer Line Cleaning Pump - 5323

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  • JS300  Line Cleaning Pump Designed for use on direct draw and short run systems with total line lengths of under 300 feet.
  • 16 pounds with a 1.5GPM Max Flow Rate.
  • 115 Volts A.C. 60/60HZ; 0.50 Amps. 
  • Siphons premixed cleaners from pail and recirculates them. 
  • Very Easy to use.  Call with any questions. 973-512-2028.  Be in business quickly or save and clean your own system.  Watch video here:
  • JS300 directions. You will also received directions from the manufacturer in the box.

  • Please read.
    Before Cleaning, First:  Get to know the operations of the pump.

    Get two 5 gallon buckets. 

    To learn how to use the pump:

    Fill a couple of gallons in one bucket. 

  • Drop in the intake line.  The line with the filter at the end. 

  • Turn on the pump and water will start coming out the output line once the pump is primed. 

  • Point the output line down into the bucket.


    To connect the pump you take one faucet off the shank using the blue handle faucet wrench. The connect the out-put hose from the pump on this shank
    To start cleaning
    Take two couplers off two D sankey kegs ( Bud, Miller, etc) and hook them up to the dual flusher.
    With the pump located near the first tower connect the pump output line to shank # 1
    Connect the section of hose with only one faucet adapter on to shank # 2 Have this hose go into the bucket

    To take faucets off shank you use the faucet wrench.
    Turn on the pump and water will go down line 1 to the first coupler through the flusher, through the second coupler and up to the tower in line 2  Take the exit hose out of the bucket and point towards a drain so the beer can go down the drain.  When clear water from the bucket makes it out of the exit hose put the hose into the bucket.

    You may need to top off the bucket with water or the water/soap mix from bucket number two so you have enough liquid to go through the system.

    Follow directions on soap bottle for mix ratio

    Run for three to five minutes.  Then put in fresh water so you rinse out the water/soap mix.  You will be either pointing the exit hose down the drain in the transitions or going from bucket to bucket.  You will work out your own way.

    Take that idea for cleaning two lines and then go to four at a time using the jumpers you purchased and a second flusher back in the walk-in.

    For the couplers that can’t connect to flushers you will use the double threaded coupling piece. (DUPLEX Cleaning Coupler #10210) You take the beer nuts off those beer couplers and connect the beer lines to the threaded piece.  We are happy to help you out.  We have started many guys on cleaning their own beer lines or for getting into the line cleaning business. 
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