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Kegman Grand Complete Beer Coupler Set

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  • Complete Set with the NEW Key Keg One Way Keg Coupler
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA For our Beer Lovers: These are the couplers you always want to have on hand.
  • Heavy Duty couplers that can fit a D, S, A, U, G and KEY KEG system.
  • Once you have these in your home you can order up any keg you want and be happy!
  • St. Patrick's Day? No problem: pull out the Irish U coupler.
  • Oktoberfest? Use the German A for that German beer!
  • Heineken, Stella, grab the S
  • G for Grundy, Bass and others. see our complete list at the the Home Page
  • Fourth of July - use the American D coupler!
  • Key Keg New European One Way and American Craft Beers
  • Be Prepared. (to have fun...) Discounted price for this multi-pak. You are a KEGMAN when you have these couplers in your home. One of our BEER tee shirts include too. Tell us what size you want.