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Spartan II

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The Spartan II comes with a FILLED CO2 Tank.  And a filled CO2 tank means you're ready to Seltzer-up. 

Make your own seltzer AT HOME re-using your soda bottles.  Once your bottle is gassed, roll the cold water gently and you've got Seltzer.  At home!  Best Seller in these upside down times.

The Spartan II is the very best soda carbonating kit, the hybrid of kit #3300.  Includes:

  • FILLED 5 pound CO2 TANK
  • DUAL GUAGE High Pressure Seltzer CO2 gas REGULATOR
  • Metal WRENCH for gas connection
  • 3' High Pressure Braided GAS LINE
  • Stainless Steel CARBONATING CAP.  Threads on standard Coke, Pepsi, Topo Chico plastic bottles.

Carbonating works the very best using ice cold water.  Store your carbonated bottles in the fridge.   

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