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The Spartan I

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Cold.  Sparkling.  Bubbly.  Wet.  Bubbles burst in your mouth.  You made it.  You own it.  Our Spartan I lets you control it all.  There’s the noise, the phfttttt of the water being carbonated.  There’s the cold bottle in your hands.  There’s the delight of splashing yourself when you first open your fresh cold seltzer.  (Rookie move.)  And then there’s the thirst quenching cold bubbling super wet drink going down your throat.  What an experience.  Seriously.  Nominal waste.  Refillable CO2 tank.  "I made it.  I own it.  I made a difference to our planet.  Today."

Bottle up  your own Seltzer with the Spartan I.  Includes:

  • Commercial Grade High Pressure Dual Gauge CO2 Regulator
  • 3' High Pressure Braided GAS LINE
  • Stainless Steel CARBONATING CAP.  Threaded for standard Coke, Pepsi, Topo Chico plastic bottles.
  • Metal WRENCH - for connecting

Keep your carbonated bottles in the fridge.  And for best results, carbonate cold, chilled water!  Watch here for the "How."  Want a filled CO2 Tank?  See the Spartan II.

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