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The Siren

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In Greek mythology the Siren is unbelievably beautiful, luring Sailors to...  Our Kegman Siren is beautiful and lures you to drink seltzer in your kitchen, bar or café!  The Siren Italian faucet is sleek, curvy, shiny, as a Siren should be.  A lot of thirst quenching with a piece of eye-candy for your kitchen in return.  Seltzer on demand, on tap.
The Siren includes instructions, an install kit and the equipment listed below.
  • One Italian faucet, high pressure seltzer tower (*Two faucets pictured above.  See picture on left for a single faucet.)
  • Beveled edge louvered grill drip tray with center drain hole. 
  • Two product flash chiller for ice cold seltzer and other beverage if wanted.
  • Big Mac carbonator with stainless steel gallon brite tank. 
  • High Pressure dual gauge CO2 regulator.
  • No Drip tray in this kit
  • Kitchen Crashers Episode "Bachelor Bar" shows our Siren and our beer faucets.  Go to minutes 1:11, 1:19, 2:00, 2:08 and 2:13 (saving your precious time!) to glimpse ever so briefly our Kegman Siren - that camera moves fast!  Kegman is proud to have been asked to participate in this episode.  
  • Please note:  Call us directly for freight quote.  973-512-2028

*Options:  With a dual faucet your Siren can pour seltzer and beer.  Want an idea of what your seltzer system will look like?  Call us.  The Kegman is here to help.

The price above is a reference point as all Sirens are custom designed and come at all levels of investment.  Multi-towers, single serving tower and conversion kits are available to use with what you already own. Call us with questions.  973-512-2028